Catholic Husband

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Our Responsibility

Once or twice a month, I’ll take an hour or so on a Saturday afternoon to go to Confession. Occasionally, I’ll throw in an additional errand or two that is better done without the kids. For many of these outings, I’d spend my entire time away from home feeling guilty. I’d feel guilty about leaving my wife, who worked hard all week, alone to watch the kids. I was wrong to feel that way.

Taking care of our children isn’t my responsibility and it’s not Alison’s responsibility. It’s our responsibility. As a stay-at-home dad, I’m on watch while Alison is at work. When I’m away from home, it’s Alison’s watch. I shouldn’t feel guilty about Alison taking on a responsibility that we share together.

I told Alison how I felt, and she rightly noted that it was silly. In fact, she loves spending time with the children. I do too, but by the end of the week, a break is a welcome relief. I should take that hour or 90 minutes on the weekend to feel relaxed and at ease.

Parenting is something that couples do together. It’s not your spouse’s responsibility or your responsibility, it’s our responsibility. Get the job done, together, and don’t begrudge your spouse when they need some time off.