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In our society, especially recently, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about ways to avoid pregnancy. When did kids become the enemy?

In the days before I was a father, I knew very little about children. Being the youngest child in my family, I never really had a chance to be around them. So when Benedict came, it was truly a trial by fire. During Alison’s pregnancy, I experienced a whole range of emotions. To be honest, the only times I was stressed or scared was thinking about Alison’s safety or how the budget would bend to accommodate this new little life.

I think our real problem is that we’ve stopped seeing children as a joy and now view them as a burden, an expense, a roadblock.

Although children do require a lot of time, attention, care, and resources, they do have something to offer us. They’re a source of pure joy. They’re a reminder of the beauty in life. They help us to remember the little things. They help us to see the world with optimism.

Nothing is as amazing as making a small child laugh. Nothing is as amazing as when a child looks at you.

So let’s just agree to stop treating them like a disease.