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Nothing Sexier than an AIDS Test

Let’s get real.

There is nothing sexier than getting an AIDS test with your fiancee. (Not even a long walk on the beach at sunset!)

And that’s the only proof that I need to prove that the Church is right on celibacy for singles.

For 2,000 years, the Church has maintained that our human sexuality, an integral part of our personhood, is sacred. It is not meant for us to horde or use selfishly. We are called to preserve it as a gift for our spouse.

Today, the world says it is remotely part of you but only there for your own gratification.

If you listen to the world, you’ll be able to have an experience unlike any other! You have finally found the woman you want to marry. You are more in love with her than any woman before her. You propose, she says yes. Success!

Then you walk, hand in hand, to your Doctor’s office to get tested for sexually transmitted infections. Now that’s a love story!

It’s just not a love story that I’m interested in.

Saving your sexuality for marriage is the best gift you can give your spouse. She will have no infections to worry about, no standards to compare to. It will just be both of you, together, in mutual self gift.

No blood sample required.