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You're Not that Important

I don’t really mean that. You’re important to someone. Hopefully a lot of someones. You’re just not that important to your company.

We build ourselves up when it comes to our jobs. We rely too heavily on them for our identity. In fact, we sometimes let our jobs define who we are as human persons and our standing in society.

There’s a problem there. The problem is an epidemic in America. We have raised a generation of workaholics.

The fact is, there will always be more work. You are not the only part of the machine that makes the whole thing tick. So, when you’ve put in an honest day’s work, go home.

Enjoy some exercise. Spend quality time with your wife. Make memories with your children.

I promise you this. When you go back to work tomorrow morning, everything will be there waiting for you.

You will never complete all of your work. Your to-do list will never be empty. Be okay with that reality.

No success at work is worth failure at home.

In 40 years, you’ll retire from your job. You’ll then have 10, 20, or 30 years left to live in retirement. Do you know who will be there? Your family. Do you know who won’t? Your company.

Keep things in perspective. Do good work, do GREAT work! But remember that your job isn’t everything. Your family is.