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We're Not Guaranteed Time

In the course of our human existence, we're faced with tragedies, none more sorrowful than the untimely death of someone in our lives. We have a justified belief that all of us will live into our 70s, 80s, or 90s, but the truth remains that none of us are promised any amount of time. That's why it's so important for us to take the time we do have and to make something great out of it.

It's said that the great lie of the Devil is that there's time. Time to change, time to reform, time to renew. Live today, go to Confession tomorrow because there's nothing but time. There's a reason that is a lie. We don't know how long our mission will last on Earth, or how many more chances we'll get to make things right. We just don't know.

The temptation with this knowledge is to fret and obsess over the question of how long we have left. That is not at all the point. While the Devil directs us towards the negative, God would prefer us to focus on the positive. We're given today, so enjoy it. We have our family, so love them. We have our health, our spiritual fortitude, the life of the Church, so immerse yourself in them.

Our bonds as people are strong with one another, and so the grief of losing someone that we love can be overwhelming, especially if it is sudden, unexpected, or if they were "too young." These bonds are beautiful because while they cause us sorrow in death, that means they can be cause for tremendous joy in life. Recognize those bonds today and share their goodness with one another.

We do not have the full picture of our own lives, let alone those of whom we know and love. We can only trust that God, who wishes only the best for us, works in His own mysterious ways, in His own time, in accordance with His wishes for us. It's up to those of us who remain to advocate diligently for the departed souls that they might gain admission to Eternal Life, and in that way, pray for us.