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You're Not A Punk

You’re not a punk.

Believe me, we’ve both met a lot of punks out there.

A punk is a guy who cares more about himself than his wife. He’s the one women are always complaining about.

A punk doesn’t get it that there’s something great about being a man.

There is great pride in being a man.

We engage in our family life, we’re proactive about doing acts of service. We (almost) always put our wives first.

We’re men. We cook, we clean, we take care of the kids, we watch movies that our wife wants to watch.

We have a special calling, one that highlights our inherent strengths. We are called to lead, protect, and provide for our families. Whoa.

We aren’t called to bear children, and so we are not able to experience the advantages or struggles of that calling.

But we weren’t made for that.

Punks are naturally dumb or disengaged. They allow themselves to become that way.

We’re smart, we’re noble. We continue to pray, learn, grow, and play with our families.

How critical is your role as a man? The statistics on the outcomes of fatherless homes are amazing. With no father, the children suffer greatly.

So let’s step up to the plate and carry out the task we were called to. Let’s lead with greater passion, protect with greater intensity and provide the finest fruits for our families. It’s what we were made to do.

Forget the punks.