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Try New Things in Your Career

The New Year presents many interesting possibilities. You have a blank canvas of twelve months to go out and do something new, unique, challenging, and interesting. While many of us tend to think more about personal goals or dreams, I'd encourage you to consider your career as well.

Regardless of how long you've been at a particular job, there's always something new for you to try. You'll likely be sitting down for your annual review in the coming weeks, and when you do, I'd be willing to bet the conversation will include your vision for the future. What things do you want to try within the scope of your job, team, division, and company?

There are plenty of challenges for you to take on professionally, but what is one that could be of benefit to both you and your company? Always be willing to try new things at work because you never know what opportunities they'll create. It could prepare you for that next promotion or show you what direction to not take with your career.

Trying new things in your career raises your profile, grows your skill set, positions you for something better and just might even earn you a promotion. The adventure of something new might even break up the monotony of your day, show you a brighter future, or it may even show you that you need to rethink your career as a whole.

Employers love bright, bold, and brave employees. Be a standout by actively seeking for ways to expand your career and skill set within your company. By this time next year, you just might be surprised at how big of an impact this one decision has made.