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Nature is A Love Letter

We’re busy, I get that. We’re men. All day we charge, we fight, we win. We're always on the move, always striving for our goals.

We can move too fast.

We can move so fast, that we miss God’s constant reminders for us.

The majority of us haven’t seen God. We have been given the gift of faith, and we are lucky to have received it. There is a blessing in believing without seeing, but there is also a challenge. We can easily forget God because He is not always in our field of vision.

Or is He?

Oh, He is alright!

Nature is God’s love letter to us. When we stop to admire the beauty of nature, we can see His hand. A stroke of His brush paints us a beautiful sunset. The vibrant colors of a garden reflect His master design.

We can see God’s hand in the most beautiful creation we have ever seen, our wife.

It’s a reminder. He’s there. And He wants us to have life to the fullest.