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My Father's Son

My younger self would be very disappointed in me if he knew the truth. I like jazz. When I was in 4th grade, my dad got really into jazz and would have it playing as background music each night during family dinner. He loved it, my siblings and I did not. This small chapter of my childhood reveals a simple truth: we’re all like our dads in one way or another.

I love watching Benedict because in him I see the basics of what it means to be human. Men are obsessed with trucks, we all love pressing buttons, and we emulate our parents. Over the past five years I've noticed more and more that I'm growing into liking the things that my dad likes, among them drinking water, listening to jazz, and spending time each day reading. This natural progression is part of the maturation process, but it is also heavily influenced by one's father. If my dad didn't expose me to jazz, I likely wouldn't be into jazz right now, for example.

There's a part of our dads in our own personalities. Our habits and idiosyncrasies, tastes and values are all derived, in part, based on our observations of his behaviors growing up. This makes it that much more important for us to live the lives we wish to model for our children.

While you may initially be resistant to becoming more like your dad, embrace it! Enjoy carrying on his legacy and eat your pride... he was right all along.