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The Most Commonly Missed Opportunity

Regret is a terrible thing. It only happens when we look back and realized we had a missed opportunity. As guys, there is one scenario that should cause us nothing but regret. Not taking our wife's offer to go shopping with her.

My wife and I are evenly yoked, as the kids say. We are both very pragmatic. When it comes to her Birthday or Christmas, she asks for very practical things. On many occasions, she has had to go shopping for a few items or, more recently, to buy maternity clothes. She doesn't like shopping alone. Most days, she'll invite me to go with her and most days, I accept. Her shopping habits make it pretty easy for me to go with.

When she asks you to go shopping, she's not really asking you to go shopping. She's asking to spend time with you. It's maybe not something that you get a lot of joy out of, but it is is quality time.

When your wife asks you to go shopping, I'd encourage you to accept for a few reasons.

First, shopping provides the chance to exercise together. More and more research is proving that walking is as effective as other, more intense, forms of exercise in terms of building heart health. There is also strong evidence (namely, me) that by simply walking more you can lose some serious weight. You can do a lot of walking while shopping making shopping (almost!) a form of exercise.

Next, you get to share the experience together. The buying process can be very exciting, if you have the money. Think back to the last time you bought something that you wanted to buy. You surveyed all of the options, got opinions, did research, and then made the purchase. The buying process, when done correctly and in a healthy way, can be extremely relaxing and enjoyable. Why wouldn't you want to share an experience of that level with your wife?

Last, it can give you awesome insight into gift shopping for her. Between birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and Valentine's day, there's plenty of chances for you to give your wife a gift. If she spends her time shopping for clothes at H&M, you'll know that you can probably skip Hot Topic. You can even find that "surprise" gift that she looked at in the store several months before, passed on and forgot about. What does that make you at gift time? A hero. Thoughtful. Loving. Winning.

"Shopping" really isn't shopping. It's quality time. So surprise her next time and go with her.