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Earlier last year, Alison and I started discussing acquiring a minivan. We've been a one car family for about 18 months, but as we looked to the future, the time for us to expand our fleet was drawing near. Logically, we decided a minivan would be the right choice for our next car.

After much heartache, we finally came across a van around Thanksgiving and on our way home from the Jersey Shore after Thanksgiving break, we bought it. I'm the primary driver of the van and believe me, that thing is sweet. It's roomy, it's smooth, and it's comfortable. In short, it's awesome.

I've noticed several changes in my life since starting to drive the van. First, I drive much more calmly. I think that part of it has to do with the fact that I'm no longer getting Prius milage, but it also has to do with the way the car feels. If I need power, I can get power, but it doesn't really seem that necessary. Driving is no longer an octane-fueled stressful event. Instead, it's a pleasure. I apologize to all minivans whose slow driving previously frustrated me.

The other great thing about the van is the cargo space. I no longer have to think when loading stuff up. There's plenty of room, so I just toss it all in. That's the American dream right there.

I think that the biggest change in acquiring the van comes in the form of freedom. We now have a family car that we can all ride comfortably in. We have a car that can go on long trips. Benedict and I now have the ability to go out on social outings throughout the week.

Life is good when you have a minivan. Although I've received several snide comments about masculinity and minivans, for me, the van means something different. It means safe, comfortable transportation so that my family can travel together to new and wonderful places.