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Divine Mercy Sunday was yesterday. This annual jubilee is a reset available for anyone who wants it. More importantly, it’s a reminder of the depths of God’s mercy.

The onslaught of negative news and culture wars is a bit too much to handle. Every day brings new outrages, new fake controversies, and another simple area of every day life that is now a political and cultural battleground. For me, it’s almost hard to look at my computer or iPad. Activities that used to bring me joy, like reading the news and following interesting stories, now fill me with a sense of dread. The same goes for looking for something interesting or entertaining to watch on YouTube or even Netflix. Every video is trying to manipulate me and precious few are even trying to entertain.

Against that backdrop comes Mercy Sunday. The depths of God’s mercy are not just unknowable, they’re “unfathomable.” His mercy is so deep, so wide that I cannot even imagine it. God offers this experience of mercy to each of us. The juxtaposition of God’s constancy and mercy against the fickle rampage of our society brings into sharp relief the wisdom of choosing to love God and His law.

Anxiety is the body warning us. In a way, I think that the anxiety of current events and culture is an alarm that we're forgetting to place our trust God’s love and mercy. In contrast to the anxiety that surfing the internet brings is the deep sense of peace that comes from quiet time spent in prayer and meditation. We’re called to live in this place and this time, but God still recognizes the stress that the tumult places on us. In His mercy, He offers us the refuge of prayer and friendship. Unfathomable, indeed.