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Meet A Saint

We’re card carrying members of the Communion of Saints. While we spend quite a bit of time rubbing elbows with fellow members on this planet, how much time do we spend kicking it with members who’ve made it across the finish line?

Earlier this year, I came across a suggestion for my spiritual life: make friends with a new saint. I have my usual suspects, the saints I know and ask for their intercession. What about the tons of other saints, who have more in common with me than I may think? As a good friend jokingly used to say, “Popular saints have people bugging them all of the time. Pick an obscure saint, they’ve got all the time in the world for you."

Making new friends can be fun. We should take the time to make some new saint friends. Saints are approachable. Remember, the difference between us and them is that they’ve successfully finished the race, while we’re still running it. They had the same temptations, the same miserable failures, the same glorious triumphs. They had the same crazy Aunt Susan and intolerable classmates.

You can find a new saint using any number of criteria. Look for the patron of your occupation or your native land. Maybe it’s a hobby, a challenge you’re facing, or even a nice vacation spot. If you can think it up, the Church probably has a guy (or gal) for you.

Plan on meeting with your new saints monthly. Chat, explore, learn. Much more than monthly and you’ll probably give up… monthly feels just right, for now.

Saints can be powerful advocates for us here in the Church militant. Pick up the phone.