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Managing Family Time

We are living in a new era of working families. With many families having both parents working, it’s becoming harder to have time together.

I work full time and Alison is wrapping up Medical School. While my job is flexible in the time that I work, I have a lot of mandatory evening meetings. Alison is almost 9-5. I arrive home around 9 and then its almost time for bed. The problem we face is that we have to intentionally work to find time to spend together.

Too many marriages are portrayed as a utilitarian business contract. He changes the oil, she does the laundry. He mows the lawn, she cleans the kitchen. The drudgery of domestic life is out there, there’s little doubt. However, that doesn’t mean its time to surrender! Along with the normal are chances for the extraordinary.

Even the smallest changes in your routine can make your marriage spark! Taking over one of her chores or taking her out on a date can be unbelievably refreshing! That won’t happen, however, if you don’t manage your calendars.

I have two pieces of advice for you to help manage your time with your family.

First, have a shared calendar that everyone has access to. Anytime an event is happening that applies to everyone, put it on there. You then have a centralized location for your events.

Second, have “sacred time.” Pick a time once a week where you and your wife won’t schedule anything. That is your time to be together to do whatever. It may be a meal, a movie, or just being in the same room.

If you don’t control your schedule, it will control you. Don’t let it.