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Make Her Bedtime Better

The way in which we prepare for bed directly affects how much time we spend tossing and turning. With the right moves, you can significantly increase your sleep time each night. Among the changes you can make include decreasing your caffeine consumption, taking melatonin, and limiting “screen time” in the hour leading up to your designated sleep time. Why not do things to make your wife's bedtime better?

At the end of a long day, there are few things nicer than laying down in bed. It’s one of the most refreshing feelings in the world. By preparing your wife's sleep space, you can significantly improve her quality of sleep and, by extension, life. 30 minutes before bedtime, start to get things ready for your wife.

A water pitcher on her nightstand is an excellent place to start! There are times, both before bed and in the middle of the night, when a glass of cool water can be very refreshing. By having a water pitcher on her nightstand, you can make sure that water is close at hand, whenever she needs it.

Hopefully your bed gets made at some point during the day. Even if it doesn’t, turn down service is a classy touch. It’s a refinement than many hotels offer and it’s provides a refreshing visual effect. Take it a step further and lay out her pajamas, ready to be easily put on. Imagine how she’ll feel when she walks into the bedroom and sees her bed ready for her and her pjs easily accessible.

A light fragrance on the bed can also help the relaxation process. Using a lavender or other related sleepy time scent can stir up deeper feelings of relaxation. These sprays can be bought at any household goods store and makes a nice bonus.

Perhaps most importantly, pick up your junk. There’s nothing worse than a cluttered bedroom floor. Not only is it unsightly, it’s also one more obstacle to avoid in the dark.

With just a few simple steps, taking a little more than 5 minutes, you can make your wife feel like she’s living at a luxurious spa instead of her everyday home. By making her bedtime better, you continue to show love through service and help her to get a better night’s sleep.