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Make Her A Hero

Words have power. Words have the ability to build someone up or strike someone down. They have the power to reveal someone’s innermost thoughts or heal a past hurt.

As is probably quite normal in many young families, when we had our baby shower for Benedict, we got tons of books. I have two favorites, “My Dad is Brilliant” and “Big, Brave Daddy.” I love hearing Alison read those stories to our son for one particular reason, it makes me feel good about who I am as a father.

As I pondered those feelings further, it struck me. I need to be building up Alison in the same way that she builds me up with those books.

I have a lot to be proud of when it comes to Alison. Being a part of her life is a great privilege for me. I love that I’m able to empower her to heal people by staying home and caring for Benedict. She’s a hero in our community and in the lives of her patients.

No one should ever hear an ill word about your wife from you. Honestly, in my estimation, anytime I’ve been mad at Alison, I’m the root cause. You might find yourself in the same situation. So when we don’t speak well of our wives, we’re doing them a disservice. They’re probably not the problem; we are.

Teach your kids that your wife is a superhero. Tell them why. Whether she’s in the boardroom, the classroom, or in your home nurturing your family every day, she’s a superhero. She has sacrificed things in her life for the good of her family. That’s a superhero in my book.

Tell your parents about the amazing things she does. Tell your friends about the great thing she does.

Marriage is about joy. Live like it.