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One Trick to Love Your House More

To say that our house has a yard would be a stretch. We have a patch of land next to our house that contains nothing but weeds. Certainly there's a wide variety of weeds, and they're all green, but I don't think I've been able to spot a single blade of grass anywhere near our house. Yet, now that we have a "yard," I've been very keen to take care of the exterior appearance of our home. Earlier this Spring, Alison and I spent almost an entire day outside, trimming hedges, putting down mulch, and planting all sorts of flowers and vegetables. As a point of pride, we take care of our home's exterior.

A house with cut grass looks really sharp. I always marvel at how good our house looks right after I've mowed the lawn. While growing up mowing was a chore, it's now something that I look forward to. Granted, it takes me no more than 15 minutes to do the whole job. A well maintained lawn is fun for the kids and great for playtime. It looks good and it begs to be used. Plus, fresh cut grass smells amazing when you're eating dinner outside.

Interestingly, keeping your lawn manicured, your bushes trimmed, and your flower beds maintained has an impact beyond just your own home and family. By taking care of your home's exterior, you love your community. A well maintained exterior improves the look and feel of your neighborhood and shows community pride. If everyone in your neighborhood takes care of their exteriors, you can collectively increase the desirability of your neighborhood and raise home values. Now that's a win-win!

I've written many times about keeping the interior of your home clean, and today I'd like to encourage you to take that same mentality to your home's exterior. Yard work, especially in the Summer heat, can be quite unpleasant, but it always pays off. Even mowing your yard weekly can help to maintain a great exterior appearance. Weeding is a constant hassle, but it beats the unkempt alternative.

The exterior of your home has a big impact on your neighbors, and an even bigger impact on you. When you come home to a well maintained exterior and then go inside to your clean interior, you'll have a feeling of great peace and accomplishment, and you'll rightly call yourself "home."