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Love Letters

Marriage is all about daily rediscovery. Being that marriage is a relationship that spans several decades, both you and your wife change. With that change comes the need to constantly tend to your relationship. There are memorable summers and beautiful falls. There are cold winters and rejuvenating springs. One of the best, and most classy ways to keep your relationship in tip top shape is through love letters.

Love letters are great in their own little ways. Here are a few of the best reasons to sit down and write your wife a love letter today.

  • Love letters are always welcome. Unlike many of our romantic gestures your wife will never reject a heart felt note from you.
  • Love letters help you express feelings that you can’t express verbally. When sharing deep feelings with your wife, it can be a challenge to get the words out. It’s much easier to be expressive with the written word.
  • They remind her that she’s loved. Just the thought that you took some of your time to sit down and tell her that you love her tells her all that she needs to know.
  • They remind her that she’s the most important thing in your life. She is.

So sit down, pull out a pen and some stationary, and write your wife a love letter today!