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When Your Love Languages Don't Translate

There may come a point in your marriage when you realize something. You and your wife may communicate differently.

You may want to show her an act of love that she’s not really interested in.

I recently got my wife a new iPhone. As an Apple geek, the unboxing is a magical experience. They have created a really brilliant user experience that makes even opening the box a great experience.

My wife was working and I had gone out and gotten the phone. I wanted to show her that I loved her by having it all set up and ready to go as soon as she got home. It was a way for me to show her my love. I would take all of the hassle of the new phone setup out of her life.

The problem was that she wanted to set it up. It was something that she enjoyed.

I could have gone through and just done it and she’d probably would’ve been ok. But I didn’t.

In that moment, at that time of decision, I decided that even though this was a way to show her my love, it was not one that she wanted.

So, I simply looked for another way to remind her that she is the love of my life.