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Love Contracts

I recently came across an article about a new trend in marriages.  It is called a “love contract.”

This is different than a pre-nuptial agreement. This is a document that people use to plan their marriages.

Essentially, both spouses decide what their demands are in their marriage as they relate to their spouse’s behavior. For example, they might say that a spouse can’t weigh over a certain limit or they must spend so many “quality” minutes together daily.

There is one small problem. These “contracts” aren’t done out of love. They’re done out of selfishness.

How can anyone presume to stipulate another person’s behavior? Further, if you are so committed to someone to pledge your love and worldly possessions to them, why would you immediately try to start controlling their behavior?

There is a prevalent belief among nearly-weds that they are going to be able to “change”  their spouse. BREAKING: It’s not going to happen.

Your wife is who she is. If you don’t like the total package, then you probably shouldn’t be marrying her.

Entering into your marriage with this extreme selfishness is beyond reckless. You aren’t setting your marriage up for failure, you’re guaranteeing it.

Getting married requires a certain level of maturity. You promise to love your spouse for all the days of your life. Plus, there is a high likelihood that you will raise a family with her.

And yet, people still try to make the world revolve around them.

If you think you need a pre-nuptial agreement to get married, you don’t love her and you’re too immature to get married. If you need a love contract before you’ll commit, you’re not a man. You’re a loser.

The role of husband is for men. Real men. Men who know that their wife and their family comes before them.

Love contracts? Give me a break.