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Live Today

Jesus told us to not worry about tomorrow, that it would take care of itself. I wrote a few weeks ago about how it’s time for us to move past the paralysis of COVID. The trap of living in the past or future is that it steals our today.

There’s nothing wrong about recalling the past to learn its lessons or relish its memories. Planning for the future is a wise thing to do. If you don’t know where you’re going, how can you adjust your trajectory? The problem is when you obsess over either.

Each day is a gift, one of only a few thousand that we will get to experience. If I waste today, it’s easier to waste tomorrow. If I don’t stop to enjoy the beauty and graces around me, I waste the energy that God put into creating them. My children are only young for so long. I have such a small window to enjoy their sweetness.

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow will be here in its time. How will I choose to accept the gift that is today?