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Live A Saintly Life

When it comes to fitness, it’s easy to tell when you’re out of bounds. That fateful day when you hop up on the scale and the number shocks you is the clear sign that you need to make a change. You get on the internet and find outstanding resources and training plans. You get on the App Store and download fitness apps and trackers to help you stay on target. You make a clear decision and then execute. Why don’t we treat our spiritual life the same way?

Sainthood is an open membership club. Anyone can be a saint, no matter their state and position in life. Membership is gained through a conscious decision to accept grace and to live in humble obedience to God’s Will and Law.

Truthfully, we all know that the only way to true happiness is holiness. While some other pleasures give us temporary comfort, nothing will leave us as fully happy and satisfied as living a holy life. We know that sin leaves us empty. We know that being impatient with our wives leaves us feeling uneasy later. We know that gossip only leads to guilt. In fact, with gossip, the feeling of guilt overcomes us almost immediately.

So if we want to be truly happy, if we want to live truly free, if we want to know what life’s like living rightly, why don’t we attack the goal with the same tenacity that we attack our fitness goals? Why don’t we cut out hours of TV a day (sin), hit the gym every day (prayer), and start making better decisions about what we eat (control over thoughts)?

The fact is, we can. It won’t be 100% perfect, but it is possible. We know that temptation will come. We know that temptation will be tough. We’ve all been tempted back to laziness when on a health kick. We’ve all had to face cold weather or a rainy day and had to decide if we were going to get out there and get it done or sit the day out. The same is true with the spiritual battle. Temptation is tough, but it can be overcome. Each time you beat temptation, you get that much stronger.

Is today the day that you decide to focus on becoming a saint with intentionality and dedication? Is today the day you start backing up that goal with prayer and action?

If it is, I applaud you. Just remember, you’ve opened yourself up in the past to certain sin, and those temptations will be the hardest to overcome. Be alert, be vigilant, and be ready to beat it down.

Choosing to become a saint is an act of the Will. Decide to be a saint today, and manage that decision each day until you hit your goal.