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Life in Sync

I once read that we ought to make a major decision once and then manage it daily. That's decent advice. I want to live a life in sync where I have clear routines that ensure that I do everything that I want to do, and, most importantly, that my home stays clean. A clean, tidy home is necessary for me to work and make forward progress. Nothing slows me down more creatively than a house in disarray.

I oftentimes find myself feeling trapped in my schedule. I have taken on the responsibility of running a web design business and this blog, in addition to caring for Benedict, maintaining our household, and pursing my own goals. I have a very full plate that often only allows for breathing room on Sunday. When I look at it that way, it feels oppressive. When I get down to the details, I find that I have no room because I've accounted for everything: work, play, exercise, chores, reading, rest, and goals.

Getting back on track when things are not going very well is costly. I lose time that could be billable hours, I get fatigued quickly, and I feel overwhelmed. Even though cleaning the kitchen will only take 15 minutes, I find myself paralyzed, helpless to do anything. It all goes back to managing the decision daily.

Routines are the oil that reduces friction in our daily life. When you're able to see in your schedule everything that you wanted to complete getting done, you relax. When you recognize the genius of your calendar, you understand that the plan is set and all that you need to do is follow the plan.

Living a life in sync, where you execute your plan, is all about freeing up creative energy. The things that you need to do in order to be successful depend on each individual, but the overall message is the same. Set the plan, do the work, rest when the job is done.