Catholic Husband

Love / Lead / Serve


Celebrating America’s independence is on the calendar this week, which means for most it’ll be a slow week at the office. Summer is nearly halfway over, and as we reflect on the courage it took for the United States to stand up to the British Empire, it’s a good time to reflect philosophically on what we truly have gained.

Freedom and liberty are used somewhat interchangeably, but are generally understood as the ability to do what you want, when you want, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. Many have laid down their lives to protect and defend our American way of life, and we owe it to them and their sacrifice to strive for a higher ideal.

One of the many benefits of practicing religion is that it calls you to be your fullest, best self. You understand the context of your life, your place in the universe, and how you are uniquely created to be here in this time and place. Many aspire to touch the lives of millions through broadcast media, sports, or politics. True impact, however, is almost guaranteed when you pour yourself into those around you.

When you live as you ought, when you are truly free and have the liberty to pray, serve, and love those around you, you build not just a life of fulfillment, but a life of impact. It’s why we’re more likely to remember the model of a friend, relative, or teacher rather than some far off celebrity.

Too much time is wasted scrolling, being anxious about a polarized society, or fretting about far off problems. The solution is not a moonshot to bring the whole world together with this one weird trick. The solution is to be the best version of yourself, to espouse a higher form of freedom, and to use your liberty for of others.