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Last Words

Yesterday we talked about giving each day to God at the moment you wake up. But what about at the end of the day?

When it comes to my powers of estimation, I’m usually fairly good at recognizing the early warning signs of temptation and sin. During the day, I can be vigilant. At night, while asleep, it can be hard to ward off temptation, even in my dreams. Our dreams, much like the media we watch, can shape our attitudes and decision making. So if in my dreams I’m really mean to someone, when I encounter them during the waking hours, I can be predisposed to really unloading on them. Prayers before bed can be helping in defeating this nocturnal temptation.

The whole idea of prayers sporadically throughout the day and creating a rhythm of prayer in your life is to help you live a balanced life. We need to be regularly praying throughout the day and communicating with a God who loves us, who created us. By having this rhythm of prayer, you can really start to experience a balanced life that will bring you greater peace, satisfaction, and a greater degree of charity.

Praying right before you fall asleep, offering your last words of the day to God, can be the perfect way to both close out your day and protect your mind from dreams that will lead you into temptation. On top of which, I’ve found it can be a great way to ease into sleep!

Your last words close out your day and can help you to reflect on your actions. The goal is to love and serve God better tomorrow than you did today. Through reflection and prayer, you can hope to achieve that goal.

Deciding on your last words can be reflective of your spirituality. I have a devotion to the Divine Mercy, so I pray a few prayers from the Divine Mercy chaplet. I also freestyle a little bit and am usually very close to sleep at the end of the day.

Giving God your last words of the day is a great spiritual exercise. Not only does it perfectly end your day, it reorients your mind towards God.