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Kids Are Not A Burden

Benedict has been sleeping less lately, meaning that he requires more entertainment during the day. He's mostly satisfied if I'm at least in the same room as him, but he won't let me work at the nook that we have in the family room without him sitting on my lap. As his behaviors evolve, I have less time to get work done. While some may view it as an inconvenience, I don't. It simply means I need to be more productive while he sleeps, and ensure that I'm getting up at 5am so I can get everything done.

Children increasingly want to interact with their parents. They need love and attention. While some, mistakenly, view this as a burden, I don't. I enjoy it! I'm lucky enough to be able to work from home, on my schedule. That means that every moment that I'm not working, I can spend with my little buddy. Children aren't a burden; they're a blessing.

Parenthood ushers in an era of the "new normal." As we travel throughout life's many stages, we change and adapt to new circumstances. While we may no longer have the liberty of full control of our schedules, we certainly maintain enough flexibility to keep hold of the essential elements of our day. Planning out your day realistically will help you to find new times to accomplish the things you need done.

Children are real paradigm breakers. Their needs reshape your day, which honestly does nothing but open up new possibilities. I used to walk alone every day, and now Benedict and I have the perfect walking time carved out in the morning. That means that we not only get another hour together, but he gets a guaranteed hour, every day, of fresh air. We also have way too much fun playing inside. Being silly with your kids is a lot of fun, and a great stress reliever.

One of the things that I try to be most intentional about is being grateful for this time with him. Benedict won't be 2'6" forever and, sadly, there will come a stage in his development when he wants nothing to do with me. As for these days, I'm doing all I can to be focused on him during playtime and to make him giggle.

We've become a selfish people who view children as a roadblock. Nothing could be more wrong. By adjusting your schedule, realizing new possibilities, and being grateful for the time that you have, you can experience life the way it was made to be.