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The Joy of Weddings

Now that I have been married for almost a year, I have had the pleasure of experiencing several weddings of family and friends.

There is such a rejuvenating energy that comes from experiencing a wedding. You get to be an observer to that which you undertook. The great memories from your own wedding day come back into your mind.

You get to share in the joy of two more people starting the journey of a lifetime.

Going to a wedding provides you the chance to reflect back on what your goals were for your marriage, the goals you set for yourself as a husband. It gets you back on track.

Society has become jaded to weddings. We’ve made them about extravagance and showmanship. There have been a slew of articles recently that have discussed the fact that people pay ridiculous amounts of money for their wedding and spend the next ten years paying it off.


When my wife and I were planning our Wedding, we took special care to make sure that our day was about the Sacrament, not how big a party we could throw. All (well, most) of our favorite people were in the room. They witnessed our Covenant and then took time to celebrate with us.

When you go to someone else’s wedding, take the time to reflect on what Marriage is and how the Sacrament has impacted your life.