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Inside Jokes

We all love to be a part of inside jokes. These jokes come about when we have a shared experience with someone else. The joy of an event lives on when similar circumstances reappear in your life. After all, life is more fun when you’re enjoying it.

Finding inside jokes with your spouse can be especially beneficial. Alison and I recently received a gift card to a local ice cream shop for Christmas. They had just opened up a new location near our house, so we ventured out to get a sweet treat on a dark winter’s night. After they served us, I presented the gift card for payment, but their system wasn’t ready to accept it. So, they gave us the ice cream free of charge.

It would have been just another story, had it not happened repeatedly. In total, before all was said and done, we went to the store four times without paying for our ice cream. It remains hilarious to us to this day.

Inside jokes represent a deep level of human connection. Sharing a laugh is one of the most powerful forms of bonding communication in the known universe. Inside jokes keep relationships playful and they keep us rooted in the past. They can help us to remember the good times when we’re going through a rough patch.

The key to an inside joke is to look for opportunities to find a new one.