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Inconvenient Times of Need

If there's one thing about marriage that's true, it's that your spouse often needs you when it's most inconvenient. While not altogether a bad thing, it can be a bit frustrating when she wants to talk while you want to sleep, or when you need a favor while she's working on a craft. While the inconvenience can be chafing, it can also be beautiful.

Sacrifice is an amazing thing, especially when done for one's family. I get a great amount of joy when I'm able to do even small things for Benedict. That time could be used on my own pursuits, or I could remain comfortably seated, but instead I get up and do some task for him. I'll have to remember this post when we struggle through the challenges of potty training.

Willingness to help at even the inconvenient times is part of the benefits of marriage. Spouses routinely sacrifice for and help one another. They can be relied upon as a dependable support structure, always available and always willing.

Times of need are rarely convenient. Never be so lost in an activity or task that you're unable or unwilling to drop what you're doing and help your wife. It's in the times when it's most difficult to help that you're able to most clearly show love in action. You wife is the most important person in your world, so help accordingly.