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If She's Not With You, Don't Do It

Having a good wife is a great blessing.

Not all men have good wives. Some women only care about themselves. Sadly, many men have this same problem.

A good wife, though, is worth more than one might expect. Here are a few of the benefits of having one (this list is not inclusive):

  • She is a sounding board
  • She can see your blind spots
  • She knows how you think and can expand on your ideas

Naturally, your wife is more than an auxiliary brain. She is a whole human person. The value that she adds to your life, however, is beyond measure.

That is why whenever you embark on a major journey, task, career move, or project, you really shouldn’t go it alone. In fact, doing just that can be a detriment to your marriage.

When you work on a major project without your wife, you can leave her feeling alienated. She may have input that she would like to give. She might know of a better way of doing something. She may even have done something similar in the past and can help you avoid pitfalls.

Working on a project with your wife can actually enhance your work. With her support behind you, your success may know no bounds. Why? It is no longer just you pushing and having to drag her behind. You are both pulling, together.

Your wife is your inner circle. She is your primary support network. She can push you out of bed early in the morning. She can give you words of encouragement as you are starting to fail. She can give you wise counsel at a moment’s notice.

Don’t ignore this powerful tool in your toolbox. The support of your wife will carry you farther, faster than anything else can.

She is a gift from God. Cherish her.