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Husband as Protector

As a husband (and father, too!) we have a very important role to fill. It is one that we simply can’t abdicate. It is the role of the protector.

The first criteria of a protector is that they are able to protect themselves. It would be quite useless if you needed help, and the knight in shining armor who came to your rescue also fell victim.

We need to evaluate where we are in our lives. How is your faith walk? Are you taking good care of your body? What things are you doing to grow your mind and expand your horizons?

Before we can defend from the enemy on the outside, we have to defeat the enemy within.

I have struggled with this issue. I’ve started workout plans or routines. I’ve tried different ways of praying. But, like New Years Resolutions, most didn’t last.

Until I learned this little secret.

As I started to initiate a change, I would plot out the course months, even years in advance. I’d see where I was going and what I would accomplish along the way.

There was one small problem.

I didn’t manage the process daily.

I made the big decision, but didn’t follow through on the steps to fulfill the big decision.

I can’t guarantee that I’m going to want to pray tomorrow. But I know I can decide to pray today. Tomorrow’s weather might be crummy so I can’t exercise, but it’s beautiful right now.

When you take things one day at a time, they are achievable. Don’t think about yesterday’s failures or tomorrow’s hurdles.

Just manage today. And, as Scripture says, let tomorrow take care of tomorrow.