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He is Not Here

What a Lent! After a year of pandemic and lockdowns, this Spring is starting to feel quite refreshing. Vaccine rollouts continue, along with positive studies on their effectiveness. Business is picking up, people are coming out of their homes, and life seems beautiful again.

I read a reflection that pointed out that Jesus’ passion was not his only suffering. He suffered a life of little comfort, completely unlike ours today. He was so eager to get up on the cross and reconcile us to the Father, that He chose to be born in a very difficult time, in an occupied nation, as a member of an oppressed tribe.

All of that difficulty is behind us. The tomb is empty, and we now share in His heavenly glory. It’s appropriate that all of this positive news and opening up should crescendo now, at Easter. Indeed, the spirit that many of us feel is perfectly suited to this season: true hope.

Faithfulness to God’s plan for our lives requires a daily dedication and an internal commitment to live as we should. While it may not lead to a life of comfort, it will lead to a life of joy, an eternal spring of the soul even in the midst of trials. He is not here, giving us a reason to commit to living this holy life.