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Handmade Gifts Come from the Heart

The tradition of giving gifts to friends and loved ones at Christmas is a centuries old tradition. Unfortunately, it’s been targeted by retailers who have sought to benefit materially on the tradition. While buying people gifts from stores (at incredible discounts, no doubt) isn’t a bad thing, you can do better.

Gifts shouldn’t be bought for the sake of crossing someone off of a list. It should be a much more personal and meaningful experience. What can I give this person that will both express my love and affection, but also will improve their lives?

Your Christmas Budget can grow as big as you’ll allow it. This year, what if you try something new? This year, make a few gifts by hand.

Handmade gifts aren’t cheap or a cop out, in fact, they’re considerably more expensive. It takes a very small investment of time on your part to take someone’s list, run out and buy something on that list, and then move on. Handmade gifts require thought, planning, and execution.

While you may not think that you have any particular skills that could lead to a nice gift, I’d challenge you to think again. Homemade gifts don’t have to be knitted. You have a particular talent that can be used in your gift giving.

Handmade gifts will mean more. They’ll truly be from your heart. They’ll also probably last longer, or at least the memory of them will.

Yes, buy people presents off of their list. Yes, gifts of any shape or form express your love an affection. But I challenge you this year to give 1 or 2 handmade gifts to someone you love.