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Grow in Patience

Patience is a virtue that I’m not very good at.

Patience is a great virtue to have. It allows you to be kind to a customer service representative when you’re furious at a company. It can significantly reduce the number of fights with your wife. It can improve harmony in your relationships at work.

Unfortunately, the only way to really grow in patience is for it to be challenged. That means that you’ll have to undergo trial by fire.

You might also find that when you resolve to grow in patience that it will be especially tried. It will happen more often and with more intensity. That’s a difficult experience to undergo, even when you’re not trying to build your patience muscles.

It can be easier to endure when you know what will be waiting for you on the other side. Patience can make a huge difference in your relationships. When you are in a stressful time or difficult situation with someone and you’re able to exhibit patience, both of you will have a better outcome. Your patience will bring a calming presence to the situation and will ultimately be reciprocated by the other person.

Fights are caused by escalations. Patience is a de-esclator. It is incredibly difficult for someone to get increasingly angry with you when you’re remaining at a peaceful and calm level.

Growing in patience is really difficult. But the fruit that it produces is so sweet.