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Grace is a gift. It’s given freely to us by God, available to us the moment we choose to accept it. What does the decision to accept or reject grace mean for us?

The great thing about God is that He never forces anything on us. He never forces us to love Him, He doesn’t prevent us from sinning. This is a good thing because it removes the possibility of the existence of pre-destination. You have complete control over your destiny and whether or not you spend eternity in Heaven.

What it does mean is that if we want to make it to Heaven, we’ve got a lot of work to do. Since God isn’t forcing a decision on us, if we choose to love Him, we’re choosing a task that we’re woefully unprepared to undertake. To make up for this inadequacy, God offers us grace.

Grace is the supernatural currency that allows us to rise above our circumstances. It allows us to enhance the good in our lives and to make better choices.

If we accept grace, we will grow in love. Our actions, our words, and our thoughts will be more loving. This creates a trickle-down effect to those around us. As we’re more loving, it becomes easier for others to reciprocate that love and, therefore, they become more loving.

The sooner we begin to accept grace, the better our lives will be. While we’ll still face sufferings and hardships, they’ll be easier to bear. As we undergo trials, we’ll know that we’re both not alone and not suffering needlessly.

Grace is the key to the locked door out of our own humanity. When we avail ourselves of the graces we need to be the people we are called to be, we begin to get a glimpse into the mind of God.