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Going to Mass Together

Going to Mass as a family is important.

As a married couple, together you form a domestic Church. The center of your family’s life is the Eucharist. The Church asks us to attend Mass every weekend not for Her benefit, but for our own.

I once heard it said that we put more faith in Tylenol than we do in the Eucharist. As the priest explained, when we take Tylenol, we expect something to happen. When we receive the Eucharist, we almost act as if nothing at all has happened.

But something did happen. Something amazing happened. You became a living Tabernacle. You received Christ into you, Body, Soul, Blood, and Divinity. You then carried Him out into the world.

There are graces that come with the Eucharist, too. Venial sins are forgiven. Our Lord preserves us from mortal sins through the Eucharist. (CCC 1416) Beyond that, our marriage is strengthened.

When we approach our Lord in the Mass, we should always approach Him with our spouse, whenever possible, and with our family. We need those graces to be the best man we can be.

Make sure that Mass is the pinnacle of your week and that you share it with your spouse.