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Giving Everything for Your Kids

Love is a concept that's been distorted and misunderstood. We all yearn to hear the words "I love you," but few of us can comprehend what it truly means until we're tested. It's easy to tell someone that you love them when all is going well, but what about when the whole world has been turned upside down? I think the best model of love in our world is that of a parent for their child.

The parent-child relationship is the epitome of love. The child can do nothing for the parent nor can they do anything for themselves. They are wholly reliant on the parent for their welfare and wellbeing. There's something instinctual as a parent that causes you to want to give your child everything that you have. Even when you're completely exhausted and they've been whiny and destructive all day, you still draw that bath and read them a story before bed.

I think that kids bring out the best in people. It's like a certain operating program was hidden within us all of these years and when we have a child for the first time, we switch over. We become less self-focused and instead turn our time, action, and attention to our kids.

This transformation was illustrated for me a few weeks ago. Alison was away at a conference and Benedict was with his grandparents, leaving me home alone for three days. I caught myself multiple times each day doing things to ensure Benedict's comfort and safety, even though he was no where around. I spoke quietly on the phone when in my office (which is next to his room), I moved the blind drawstrings out of reach so he couldn't hurt himself on them, and I even kept closing the baby gates.

Kids change everything about us and how we operate, but for the better. As I contemplate the amount of love that I have for Benedict and how deeply I sacrifice for him, I better comprehend what love is. Beyond that, I gain a better understanding of God's love for us.

Children demand everything from us, and we willingly give it. May the dynamics of this relationship encourage us to live holier lives and to be less self-centered.