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Gift Giving

There are many ways to express your love to your wife. Using the words, doing some chores, caring for her after a long week, and even cooking dinner are a few goods ways. One of the more infrequent expression of love is the giving of physical gifts.

Gifts are appropriate at any time and on any occasion. They can be big or small, humble or extravagant. I think that we tend to think of gifts in terms of dollar amounts. That’s a mistake. We need to instead think of gifts in terms of the emotional significance that they carry. To receive a gift is to receive an acknowledgement of one’s special status. It’s a physical reminder that you are loved and appreciated.

There is a balance to be struck between the desire to give gifts and the financial resources required to purchase those gifts. It may be wise to create a “gift fund” in your budget. That way, when you come across something that you’d like to give to your spouse, the money is already allocated and you can be free to make the purchase.

Gifts are tokens of love and this post is meant to serve as a gentle reminder that incorporating the act of gift giving is an excellent idea. Vary your expressions of love and always endeavor to make them a surprise.