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Get Your Wife to Heaven

If you want to be a really good husband, direct all of your actions towards getting your wife into Heaven. Essentially, that's our mission in the married life. Certainly our love is meant to be shared completely and we're to accept and raise any children that come into existence as a result. Yet, at the end of the day, everything points back to getting your wife into Heaven. What are you doing to accomplish that mission?

Marriage and our human minds are often at odds. While we're certainly capable of living a faithful marriage, our mind struggles with the idea that it should be first seeking to aid and support someone else, even before self-preservation. This desire to look out before turning in on oneself is something that must be controlled through discipline. Your objective is to help your wife live a holy life and doing that will often look like something completely different.

Helping your wife live a holy life might look an awful lot like putting your kids to bed or cleaning the kitchen. Helping your wife live a holy life might look a lot like writing her a love letter or drawing a bath for her. You can help your wife live a holy life by removing friction in your relationship. Oftentimes, we cause our wife to sin or be tempted to sin. The near occasion of sin isn't because of our ripped abs or perfectly chiseled face, but because we fail in our basic relational and domestic duties, which can cause her to become angry and impatient. The gold standard husband would be disciplined enough to be more concerned about her than he is about himself. He'd help her in any way, pray for her constantly, and not lead his wife into sin.

You don't want your wife to suffer. You seek the good for her and try to make her as comfortable as possible. You want what's best for her. All of these things are good things and they're the exact reasons that in addition to helping her with her material needs, you need to help her with her spiritual needs. Lead family prayer, go to Mass together, and take care of the kids so she can make it to Confession every once in a while. You can go a step further by praying for her daily and frequently throughout the day. Pray her for in the morning, at night, at meals, and by offering up small things throughout the day.

Your mission is to get your wife to Heaven. That's your priority. You can help by reducing the instances that would give her cause to be upset or impatient, you can help by praying for her, and you can help by meeting her spiritual needs. At the end of the day, your vocation is to help your wife live a holy life. Start helping her do that right now.