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Fun in Your Community

One of the tragedies of our technological world is that we’ve stopped using our local resources.

To celebrate our anniversary this year, Alison and I went on a day hike. We had a bigger adventure planned, but the weather forced us to think smaller. My parents took Benedict for the day and we trekked out. We went to a state park near our house in the foothills and I was nothing short of stunned. The views were amazing, the trails were varied and fun, and I got up close to a cow. It was an amazing outing.

Our communities have a whole host of opportunities for us to take advantage. From museums to farmers markets, from hiking trails to unique stores, there’s a lot going on. It can be easy for us to just hang out at home and bum around on the internet. We really deserve more. There are tons of other local things to do.

Get out there and find them.