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Friday Night Adoration

This week, Benedict will complete his initiation into the Catholic faith when he receives the Sacrament of Confirmation. With just a few days to go, I took him to Adoration on Friday night.

Our parish has Mass, Holy Hour, and Confession every Friday night. It’s an opportunity that I wish I would take greater advantage of. Being in the presence of Peace itself is so relaxing, especially as the capstone of my week.

Benedict is still a little boy, flexing his autonomy, but not yet at that period of growth when he will seek more distance from his parents. He was excited to spend Daddy and Me time, without the presence of any girls, on a Friday night.

We went to Confession together, and sat closely next to one another in our pew in adoration. We even prayed the prayers at the Benediction together.

It was a treasured moment, and one that I hope that he’ll carry with him, even when he wants to spend less time with me.