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First Communion

I made my First Communion more than two decades ago. In that time, I’ve rarely been more than seven days without receiving the Eucharist. As I sit here at my desk in early June, it’s been over 90 days since I’ve been to Mass and celebrated the Sacred Liturgy in person.

This weekend, my family and I will return to Mass. During this time in the desert, I have hungered for the Eucharist. What was before taken for granted is now sorely missed. It wasn’t just the ritual or rhythm that I missed, it was the physical separation from Love itself.

I’ve spent time reflecting on the Eucharist and its importance in my life. One of my biggest takeaways is how difficult it must be to be a non-Catholic Christian. Christianity isn’t an easy way of life, but it’s made easier through the strength and grace that the Eucharist confers. The fact that I’m able to attend Mass almost every day of the year and come into physical contact with the God who knows and loves me is mind bending.

Frequent reception of Communion can have a dulling effect on the senses. That routine can easily bring me to the point where I put more faith in Tylenol than the Eucharist. When I take Tylenol, I expect something to happen. Do I have the same expectation of the Eucharist? How can I physically come into contact with life, love, and goodness Itself and not walk away a changed, transformed person?

I don’t specifically recall my emotions as I prepared to make my First Communion, but I have vividly experienced this time apart. I hope and pray that I will never have to endure such a period again. I also pray that I’ll never again take my Eucharistic Lord for granted.