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The Fatal Flaw of Feminism

Americans have a great tradition of rugged individualism. We have a heritage of self-reliance typified by the settlers on the Oregon Trail, or the grit of the Greatest Generation. Self-reliance and self-motivation are two great qualities to have, but it seems that we’re becoming more and more insular. Instead of relying on a strong community, we count only on ourselves. This move has lead to peculiar movements and ideologies, especially modern feminism. The thing about authentic femininity is that it requires no words. They don’t need to tear anything down in order to validate themselves. They’re powerful and sublime in and of themselves.

The notion of women’s rights is a good one. Women should have the same opportunities as men. This is basic, and something that we can gain consensus on. The place where feminism goes wrong is when it asserts that women should be men, that gender is irrelevant.

Authentic femininity celebrates the diversity that a woman brings in thought, action, and biology. The nourishing instincts of a mother are comforting to her children and her husband. Her particular viewpoint is valuable because it allows all parties to see issues and questions in a new light.

Modern feminism espouses malignancy. Men must now be beaten into submission, sex must be used as a weapon to achieve an end, and the only way to garner attention is through shock and awe. The problem with this approach goes back to the lesson that we all learned in kindergarten: you attract more bees with honey than with vinegar.

Femininity, in its truest state, quietly demands respect. By embracing modesty and channeling those thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are instinctual, she can act with poise and dignity. Like a masterful work of art, it draws in the attention of the crowds and commands attention.

Women deserve respect, honor, and love, not only because they are the seat of life, but because of who they are. Authentic femininity is not a weakness, but rather is true strength.