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The Fastest Way to Grow in Patience

You can’t control the things your spouse does. But you can control your response.

When it comes to certain things, I can be very particular. I like to have a set schedule and when things deviate from that schedule, I tend to get frustrated fast. When I choose to be frustrated instead of patient, I lose the opportunity for growth.

You and your wife are different people. That’s a good thing, because if you were both the same, you’d be bored. Sure, you’re more compatible than most. You also have a deeper relationship than you have with other people. Even with all of these advantages, your wife will still do things that will annoy you. She still has faults.

Everyone has faults. There’s no such thing as the perfect spouse. So when your wife does things that annoy or frustrate you, how do you respond?

Patience is a challenging virtue to grow in. To change from a man who gets upset at the slightest action to a man who has a “mind like water” is a journey, not a destination. It takes discipline over time. To become a man who accepts his wife for who she is takes daily decisions to respond to faults and mistakes with love and understanding.

If the journey is so difficult, why do it at all? Simple. The more we’re able to overcome the frustration that we feel, the more charitable we become. The more charitable we become, the more open to love we are. We will become more gentle, loving husbands. This will bring peace and harmony to our homes on a level that we’ve never experienced before.

How we respond to our wife’s actions will determine the quality of marriage we will have. We will either have a bitter and trivial marriage or one that truly reflects Christ’s love for us.