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Family Walks

When I was in high school, we had neighbors who went for a family walk almost every evening. The family of four, along with their dog, could reliably be seen moving slowly through the neighborhood after dinner. I presume that they spent those evening walks reflecting on their days and chewing on life’s big questions.

I’ve been walking regularly for nearly a decade. It’s the one form of exercise that I always enjoy. Sustained, consistent practice leads to a noticeable improvement in my overall health. In this time of social distancing, I’ve seen lots of families walking around our neighborhood. Many of them I’ve never seen before.

Walking as a family is an ideal way to spend some time together and get quality group exercise. It gets everyone out of the house and into God’s creation. One or two laps around the block is all it takes to enjoy nature and each other. Let the conversation flow and appreciate the world around you.

Social distancing shouldn’t mean social isolation. I hope that the many lifestyle adjustments that this pandemic has forced upon us will lead to lasting changes. Among one of these positive changes is a regular family walk around the block.