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Evil is Real

How many times have we witnessed the great falls of those whom claim to be holy and religious? How many times have we heard of televangelists, missionaries, and people that we once regarded to be of high moral standing exposed as being other than what they claimed? For some fraction of these cases, the individuals themselves were perpetrating a fraud. For the large majority of cases, we should walk away with one lesson: evil is real.

The more good that you do in the world, the more spiritual fruit that you bear, the bigger target that you become. It's understandable that if you're doing good things and people are being changed by them, you'll become a bigger target for the Devil. Taking down one prominent person does more damage with less work than trying to topple followers one at a time.

Truthfully, I don't think many of us think about the Devil as being at work in our lives. Certainly we see war, terrorism, and other violence and tacitly acknowledge that it's the work of the Devil, but by and large, we don't really believe that he's real. I even feel weird using the word "devil" in this post, as if I'm some crazy religious nut who should be dismissed by my readers as such.

That's the thing, though. That feeling that I'll be perceived as crazy is a sign that his work is effective. The more dismissive we are about his existence and the more complacent we grow, the easier it is for him to work. He's subtle and subversive, working quietly until it's too late.

He’s at work, always looking for weaknesses and flaws to exploit. He’s “prowling like a roaring lion” in our world. So if you're out there doing good things, know that he's looking for ways to undo them. The good that we do and the holiness that we achieve diminishes his work and effectiveness. He's looking to take you down. Don't let your denial of his existence give him greater influence over your decisions.

Evil is real, never doubt that. But evil is so much less than Good.