Catholic Husband

Love / Lead / Serve


It’s been a very fast eight years since Alison and I met at the altar and committed ourselves to one another. Each year on this blog, I like to take the opportunity to reflect. As I sat down to write this year’s post, I realized that I have little new to offer.

We may not be the same people that we were on the first day of the rest of our lives, but our commitment is the same. The values that we share, the home that we’ve built, it’s the same.

The lessons that I’ve learned, re-learned, and written about in this space are the same. I need to continue to love and to serve, to put myself last, and to always defer to the needs of my wife and family.

We have four children now, four wholly new creations only made possible but the love that’s shared in our marriage, but at our core, it’s still Alison and I.

We’re reaching the mid-stage of our relationship. The early days are now behind us as our relationship continues to mature. We will face new challenges as we transition and adapt. The struggle of marriage continues, but we approach these changes with a more solid footing.

We have many years ahead of us. May we continue to grow deeper in love on the journey.