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Drink More Water

Growing up, my Dad drank a lot of water. So much so, that he had a Brita filter in the refrigerator that was for his use only. Of course, that rule only existed because my siblings and I loved cold water, but hated refilling the pitcher. For the longest time, I hated water and lived almost exclusively on milk. Yet, over the past few years, I've reversed course and moved almost exclusively to drinking water. We underestimate the importance of water in our lives, to our detriment.

Water is the fluid that powers our bodies. It keeps things moving, clears impurities and helps our organs and digestive systems operate at full capacity. Water truly quenches thirst and provides tons of benefits to our health. Yet, we either forget about it, or we avoid it because of taste or because it causes our bathroom use to increase. Given its innumerable benefits, and the clear advantage that water has over any soda, we should really plan to increase our intake throughout the day.

It's generally suggested that we drink 64oz of water a day, more so if you're physically active. 64oz is the equivalent of four 16oz glasses, which really means that if you have a glass of water at each meal and then one at another time during the day, you'll hit the magic number. What I've found is that the more water I drink, the more I want it. It's very similar to the body desiring more healthy foods after you eat something healthy.

Over time, as you maintain your water intake, your body will adjust and your bathroom use will decrease. If health is your goal, there's just no way around the need to increase your water consumption. It does a body good and can help you feel great. I encourage you to take a look at how much water you're drinking and ensure that you're at least getting 64oz a day. You'll be so glad you did.