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Do it Well

Nearly 15 years out of college, I could’ve never predicted the arc of my career. I walked across the stage with a degree in Philosophy, a course of study that doesn’t lend itself to a neat career path. Rather, many doors were open for me and a few were closed.

I spent four years at a non-profit, expanding the program’s reach to underserved communities. It was in the immediate aftermath of the financial crisis, and although my performance was commendable, there was no money and no opportunity to promote and move me along a career within the organization. When Alison went into Residency, it was easy to walk away.

Through her three years of residency and the first three years of practice, I was an at-home dad to small children. I focused on my fitness, but I also wrote and built websites. I didn’t do it for hire, I just did it for me. It was a creative outlet. I started this blog, which is now on its 976th post. I wrote and self-published several books. I wrote, and wrote, and wrote.

In the fall of 2021, my friend asked me to help him with some writing projects at his job, then I was asked to help another friend, and a third friend asked for my help. I was working 10 hours a week, then 20, and now I’m reliably working 40–50 hours in a week. Out of far-left field came opportunities, and I was ready.

I did not build a massive business out of this blog or publish a weekly column read by the thousands. I quietly worked to develop my thoughts, build my skills, and practice my art so that, when the phone rang, I was ready.

Every job has its lessons to teach us, and connections to make, which carry us forward to our next endeavor. Whatever it is that you’re doing today, especially if it’s not the work you wish to do for the rest of your life, do it well.