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Disengage This Holiday Season

I have a challenge for you this Thanksgiving and Christmas: disengage.

I can see it now. You’re sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner, the family is gathered around, the cousins are at the kids table having a great time, and someone is sitting at the table on their phone. Maybe it’s you!

Since I’m freelance, I only get paid for when I’m working. That means when I don’t work, I earn $0/hour. Thanksgiving and Christmas fall on weekdays, which means that I’m going to lose work hours. Yet, despite this “loss,” I need to recognize that there are more important things. Four missed work days in the course of two months isn’t going to kill me.

The holiday season is a chance for families to gather and I’d hate to have you waste it distracted. Give yourself permission to disengage from work. Heck, just disengage. Limit your screen time and enjoy the original face time.

Rest is good for you and the end of the year provides some golden opportunities to take advantage. Don’t blow it.